01_DSC01367 02_DSC01387 03_IMG_0661 04_IMG_2898 05_Rowdy_14
06_Rowdy_15 07_Img7059 08_Img7080 09_Img7081 10_Img7083
Grabbing for the Margherita with Coppocola
11_Img7084 12_Img7108 13_Img7109 14_Img7110 15_DSC02778
Red Clam Sauce. Great Pie!
16_IMG_0514 17_IMG_0746 18_IMG_0758 19_IMG_0759 20_IMG_0760
This was with an Experimental cheese, which burned a little. But great pie
21_IMG_0761 22_IMG_0829B 23_IMG_2695 24_IMG_2855 25_IMG_2862
Wish this shot was a little more clear. Great pizza that night!
26_Rowdy_04 27_Rowdy_07 28_Rowdy_09 29_Rowdy_12 30_varasanos party-43
Margherita with Bufala & Half Coppocola & a Whole Rubik's Cube Margherita with Bufala & Half Capocollo
31_varasanos party-49 32_varasanos party-50 33_varasanos party-65 34_varasanos pizzeria-23 35_varasanos pizzeria-25
Hot out of the Oven Nana's with Sausage Salumi Pizza Salumi Pizza
36_varasanos pizzeria-28 37_varasanos pizzeria-36 38_IMG_0046 39_varasanos pizzeria-48 40_varasanos pizzeria-66
Salumi Pizza Salumi Pizza Nana's with Pepperoni, Mushrooms & Caramelized Onions
41_VarasanosSicilianPizzaBig 42_IMG_0584 43_varasanos party-33 44_varasanos party-20 45_varasanos party-59
Sicilian Style Sicilian Style Calzone with Pepperoni, SunDried Tomato, Rosemary, etc. Caramelized Onion Nucci Pizza
46_varasanos pizzeria-16 47_varasanos pizzeria-22 48_DSC01066 49_IMG_2637 50_IMG_2734
Homage to Pepe's New Haven Clam New Haven Clam Great Upskirt Chef Willie
51_IMG_2822 52_DSC02763 53_IMG_2940 54_IMG_0005 55_Rowdy_01B
Prep for one of my many Home Pizza Parties Chef Willie
56_SignMockup 57_varasanos party-9 58_varasanos party-15 59_varasanos pizzeria 60_varasanos pizzeria-7
Cool Mini Mockup of our Sign Mmmmm :-)
61_varasanos pizzeria-15 62_varasanos pizzeria-43 63_IMG_0047 64_IMG_0706 65_varasanos pizzeria-47
Opening Night Opening Night Alicia Suchita
66_zErin and Ryan Eat Pizza 67_DSCN0262_1 68_IMG_2784 69_IMG_3186 70_varasanos party-2
At my Happiest :-)
71_varasanos party-13 72_varasanos party-32 73_varasanos party-53 74_varasanos pizzeria-40 75_IMG_0365
Patricia Opening Night With Scott's Pizza Tours at Joe's on Carmine Street
76_IMG_0626 77_IMG_7080 78_Img7043 79_IMG_0014  
Pizza Master, LOL Patsy's on 117th & First. Chocolate Demise with Raspberry Sauce